Workout Secrets for Stay at Home Moms

Exercising at the gym can be impossible for stay at home moms who don’t have enough time for every chore they have to perform at home. With such a busy schedule, they must find other ways to work out in order to stay in shape and the following workout secrets can help them combine regular activities with exercising so even stay at home moms can lead a healthy life.

Cleaning can help you lose weight

Besides the fact that they keep your house sparking clean, cleaning chores can also help you lose weight. The effort implied by washing the windows, vacuuming, mopping the floors or dusting the furniture is similar to the effort implied by mild exercises. If you play some music on the background and move to the rhythm, you can maximize the body shaping effects cleaning chores can have.

Don’t hesitate to play

Whenever you have the time necessary, go outside and play with your kids because this can become an intense cardio workout. You can run with them, jump rope, play various games that imply a lot of movements so you will manage to exercise while spending time with your children. This way, you will encourage them to play outside more often and you will also help them stay in shape as child obesity is a common health issue usually found in children who don’t spend to much time exercising.

Create a routine

If you manage to set a daily routine that will include at least 10 minutes of exercising, you will soon see the results on your body. Try to wake up at least 30 minutes earlier than the rest of the family so you will have some time for yourself and spend it exercising. Some squats, push-up or a little jogging can help you set a workout routine so it will be easier for you to achieve the desired results.

Join parent-child courses

Given the increasing interest of parents in exercising and their desire to arouse their children’s interest in sports, more and more workout classes allow parents to come with their children. Therefore, if you don’t have anyone who can stay with the child while you go to a gym or yoga class, you can join one that lets you bring the child. This way, you will be able to exercise with your child so you will keep an eye on them as well.

Try the bike instead of the car

If you need to run an errand, go to the grocery or take the child somewhere, don’t take the car unless you are in a real hurry. Instead, you can opt for a bike with a kid trailer on it so you will be able to have the child safely close to you and do some cardio on the run.