Vitamins and minerals which would improve seniors health


Seniors have difficulties when it comes to maintaining their bodies healthy, because they face so many health issues, they do not know from where to start to face them. But, the fact is that they only have to be more active than they usually are, and to take some supplements to boost their mineral and vitamins’ levels. They are essential to the body, but the majority of seniors are afraid to take them, because they do not know how many pills they can take daily, and how they would influence their health. If you know someone who is afraid of taking calcium supplements for example, then you should read to them Algaecal reviews, and show that that they have nothing to worry about, because doctors from all around the world recommend them. Here are some other minerals and vitamins essential for a good health for seniors.

Calcium supplements improves bone health

Almost all the calcium from a person’s body is found in their bones, but as they age, the calcium tends to leave the bones and this leads to many health issues as an increased risk of osteoporosis. To maintain their bones strong, seniors should consider taking calcium supplements, because they would help them improve the structure of their bones. It is important for them to buy the right supplement, and for doing this, it is advisable to ask a doctor offer them recommendations on the type and quantity of calcium they need.

Iron is important for their red blood cells

They should also take iron supplements because it is an important mineral found in the red blood cells, which transport the oxygen from the cells to the body. If they would experience iron deficiency, they might have to deal with anaemia on long term, and this would make difficult for them to handle daily chores. When people get older, they do not consume enough iron rich aliments, so it is advisable to take supplements.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D has many benefits for the body, and in case they are taking calcium supplements, they have to associate it with vitamin D, because in this way they can be sure that their body would absorb it. Also, if they take Vitamin D they could also reduce the risk of developing certain types of cancer, and even heart diseases. It is advisable for seniors to take vitamin D, because they do not go outside as often as young people do, and they would not take it naturally by exposing themselves to the sun.