Top 3 Best Classic Outdoor Games for Kids

Every generation feels that their childhood was the best. It is normal to feel this way because the childhood is the most fun period of anyone’s life and we shouldn’t compare our childhood with that of our children. It is not like we would have turned down video games, had we had access to them. Nonetheless, while modern entertainment has its advantages, playing outdoors is also important for a child’s development. If you feel that your children are spending too much time indoors, perhaps it is time to introduce them to your favorite childhood games and show them just how fun it can be to play outdoors. Take a look at our top of the best classic outdoor games for kids and teach your kids how to use their imagination to have fun.

Hide and seek

The best thing about hide and seek is that it can be fun at all ages. Moreover it tests the imagination of the children and it is also a great physical exercise. The rules are simple: one person is “it” and they have to close their eyes and count to 20 (or 30 or even 50) while other people hide. When they are done counting, they have to find the people who are hiding. One variation of this game involves designating a home base where the “it” person counts. While he is searching for the other players, some people can try to sneak to the home base, and so they get saved. Ussually, the first person who is found will be “it” in the next round. If all players manage to hit the home base without being tagged, the same person will be “it” in the next round.

Capture the flag

This is a classic game and it can have many variations. The basic rules are simple: you have two teams (that should distinguish themselves through matching pieces of clothing). Each team has a flag that they keep in their home base. They must protect their own flag, while also trying to steal the other team’s flag. Things get fun if you play with different variations. For example, you can tag an enemy player. When this happens, they can either be taken out of the game, they can become members of the opossing team or sent to a designated prison area where they must stay until they are freed by another team member. If your kids are obsessed with gadgets and technology, you can introduce them to outdoor games by buying the Redux capture the flag game, which comes with glowing orbs and other shiny props, as well as with numerous fun variations.

Tag and all its fun variations

Tag is a pretty straightforward game. One person is it, and they need to chase the other players and tag them (usually by touching them). When they are tagged they are removed from the game. This goes on until the “it”person has tagged everyone. Shadow tag is a fun variation of the tag, which has to be played on a sunny day. As the name suggests, instead of tagging the players directly, you must tag their shadows. Freeze tag is another fun variation where the tagged players must freeze when touched by the “it” player. They must remain frozen until tagged by another free person.