The truth about hybrid cars – pros and cons of purchasing them

For those who are not familiar with the term, a hybrid car is one that usually has two engines, a conventional one, which can be either diesel or petrol, and an electric motor. Although the number of people interested in buying hybrid cars has significantly increased lately, there are still many buyers who are reticent when it comes to these car types. Edmunds says the new Honda Accord Hybrid is by far a great choice for those interested in such cars. Here are the main pros and cons that come with purchasing a hybrid vehicle.

Pro – environmentally friendly

Obviously, one of the main reasons why a hybrid car is such a good choice is related to its electric motor, which is more eco-friendly than the conventional engine. These cars have greater gas mileage compared to the gasoline powered vehicle, not to mention that it is also a more cost-effective option.

Pro – other financial benefits

Besides the fact that you save money on fuel, hybrid cars come with other financial benefits. It is worth mentioning that annual tax bills are much lower for a hybrid vehicle compared to a regular car. Those who are looking for a good car that is both affordable and does not require high maintenance should definitely consider purchasing a hybrid car.

Pro – the innovative regenerative braking system

Probably the greatest innovation of this type of car is related to its regenerative braking system. There is a built-in mechanism that kicks in the moment you apply brake while driving and captures the amount of energy released in order to reuse it to charge the car’s battery. This is extremely helpful, especially in case of long distances, since you don’t need to stop and recharge the battery every once in a while.

Con – less power

These cars come with a series of great advantages, yet there are a few disadvantages as well and probably the most essential one is the fact that hybrid cars do not provide the same amount of power engine as conventional cars. Even when the power of the two engines is combined, it still cannot reach the same amount of energy a gas powered engine releases. This can be a decisive criterion for drivers interested in more powerful cars.  

As it can be seen, these are the most important pros and cons that come with this type of vehicles, so you should take them into account if you decide to buy a hybrid car.