Steps to transition your kids to low-carb real food


Many parents ask themselves how they can convince their children to eat real low-carb food. There is not a simple way to convince children to eat more fruits and veggies, but with some work you will definitely be able to do it. Kids will totally benefit if you help them lower the intakes of sugar and carbs. You do not have to put your children on a no carb diet, because their body is able to deal better with carbs and sugars. You should control your child’s diet tightly only if they are overweight. The majority of children are raised with the traditional wraps in their lunchbox and sandwich in the morning. Sometime parents find easier to throw something between two slices of bread and to put it into their children’s lunch box. Here are some steps that will help you transition your little ones to low-carb real food.

Start the transition slowly

What parents should understand is that they should not clear their cupboards overnight and change everything kids love with healthy food. If you want the transition to be effective, then you should start with a meal at a time. You should accept the fact that it will be a long lasting process, and for some time it may be better for them to have both healthy and traditional food around. In time they will understand the benefits of this diet, especially if you learn the best low carb recipes and prepare them some delicious meals.

Do not throw leftovers

If you want to have the meals organised for two or three days, then all you have to do is to cook double. You do not have to throw the leftovers, because you can use them to prepare the school lunches for your children. If you have leftover roast, then you can use it to top off a salad the following day.

There should be no bread in their diet

The trick is to start with two days a week when you do not include dread in their lunchbox. If your children really love eating bread, then you should start by offering them thinner bread slices.  In time you will manage to convince them not to eat bread at all, and it will be a rare appearance in your house. You can replace it with lettuce leaves for example.

How to prepare their school lunch boxes

The majority of parents are tormented by how they will manage to prepare the lunch boxes from now on, because they relied on the ham sandwiches and muesli bars. Well, this is the moment when you have to search for ideas, and you will definitely need plenty of them. It does not mean that you will have to follow the examples you see in TV ads, and cut flowers from carrots to convince your kids to eat healthier. The trick is to cook double in the evening and to slice the vegetables the night before, to have everything prepared in the fridge.