Parenting advice – why music should be playing in your household


Although music plays a role in every individual’s life, parents don’t actually realize how important music actually is in early child development. Making sure that peaceful, tranquil music is played in your hold on the regular can bring certain positive influences on your kid, of which you might to have been aware of until now. Because the environment of your home is the one your child is mostly exposed to, it’s up to you to ensure that it’s characterized by the right atmosphere. Here are the most powerful reasons why music should be playing in your house:

Helping child learning processes

According to researchers, music can in fact help little ones to ease and speed up their learning processes. Because music boosts memory and enhances motor skills, as well as improves abstract reasoning, they will be able to assimilate information much faster. And with so much great music you can find at, it will not be difficult to choose adequate songs to play in your home.

Improves mood

Even from an early age, children respond in amazing way to music and even develop certain preferences towards specific genres or songs. Playing music in your house will not only lift your own spirit but will improve the mood of our kids as well, when they are being agitated or temperamental. The right song will completely change the entire tone or atmosphere of your household, so this is definitely something worth trying next time your kid is being moody or capricious.

Boosting IQ level

Although simply listening to music might not show remarkable results in terms of boosting IQ level, learning to play a musical instrument does. So if you want to direct your kid towards this artistic type of activity, putting some songs on play might contribute to that. You should know that it can benefit tremendously their cognitive processes and actually boost their IQ, at least that’s what studies have to say.

Inspiring their creativity

If you read a few studies on the subject, you will discover that music actually contributes to the creative nature of an individual, especially during their first years of life. It has been claimed that listening to music acts on a person’s inter-hemispheric communication, which automatically fosters imagination and creativity. So, to feed your child’ creative spirit, acing sure music has an active part in their life will be demanded.

It sets the right tone

Sometimes, after a hard day at work, for example, it can be difficult for you, as a parent to maintain the tone of your household and the overall atmosphere a positive one. Playing music will help you set the right tone in your home, and prevent your work or personal problems from affecting the way you interact with your child. 

As you can see, creating a musical environment for your child can come with all sorts of unexpected benefits. Besides putting everyone in a great mood as well, playing music on the regular in your household will contribute to child development in impressive ways. You can actually read studies that have been written on the subject, if you want to acquire more in-depth details on the importance of music listening.