Life after burglary – what to do after a home invasion


Having your house broken into is something that no family wishes to ever experience, but statistics show that such incidents are more and more common, even in safe neighbourhoods. They can occur at night or in broad daylight and the burglar (who usually lives in the same neighbourhood) can get in by using force or by stealing the key. No matter the results of the burglary, going through such an event can be very unpleasant and most people find it very difficult to get over it. Sometimes, the damage is only material. You have some things to replace, but everyone is alright and you go about your life. However, in most cases, the family is deeply affected on an emotional level they find it hard to go on. These tips will help you make the most out of a bad situation and reduce the risk of future break-in attempts.

Reporting the incident

Even if the burglar did not manage to steal anything, you should report the home invasion to the police. And, if something was stolen, all the more reason to do so, because if the culprit is found you have a chance of getting back your belongings and catching the burglar. Also, if you do not report the incident, the neighbourhood could become less safe. Experts say that burglars never come back to the same house, but of you leave this incident pass without alerting the police, they could come back to your neighbour’s houses.

Change the locks and invest in a home security system

If someone managed to get into your home, then this means your property could use some extra security. Depending on your budget, there are several measures you can take, ranging from the obvious lock replacement, which you can learn all about on this website, to a complete home security system upgrade. This includes things such a state of the art surveillance camera and an alarm. Burglars are discouraged by cameras and alarms and in 60% of cases they lose interest once they see them. For even more safety, you can replace your current fence with a higher one and get a guard dog. However, keep in mind that guard dogs don’t always make good pets for children.

Overcoming trauma

Last, but not least, experiencing a home invasion can be traumatic and many people find it hard to get back to their daily lives afterwards. Most victims feel vulnerable and frightened and live with the constant stress of being attacked again. They have trouble falling asleep for fear that an intruder could get in, get scared by the faintest noise or cannot trust strangers any more. These feelings are normal after a burglary and you should allow yourself some time to recover. However, you should understand that the chances of being robbed again are very small and investments in home security will protect you. If you are experiencing PTSD because the burglar was violent or abusive, then it would be best to get in touch with a professional counsellor.