How to select the perfect reclaimed beam for a fireplace

When the cold season comes and the temperature drops outside, there is nothing better than snuggling up under a blanket with your family or friends in front of a fire crackling away. A fireplace creates a warm welcoming ambience, which is such a lovely feeling to add to any home.  A fireplace can be the focal point of the house, and depending on its look, it has the potential to transform the design of the entire room. If you want to transform your house into a welcoming space, then adding a log burner fireplace with a beautiful reclaimed oak mantel will be the focal point of any home. Companies such as Traditional Oak and Timber Company supply reclaimed fireplace beams that are sourced from around the world and can be hundreds of years old.

What you should know about fireplace mantels?

An oak fireplace mantel can be the finishing touched needed to frame in your fireplace. They not only act as a beautiful design feature but they also offer a space for you to place all your favourite photos, ornaments and seasonal cards. They have been used by interior designer for years as a beautiful piece of oak and finish of the look and feel of a room creating a warm welcoming atmosphere.

What types of beams are available on the market?

Oak mantels can come in two options. The first type is reclaimed where you will have traces of woods previous years with nail and saw marks. These can be quite subtle but add so much character to the feature piece. If you prefer a more streamlined look and feel then air dried oak may be the option for you as it can be sawn to your exact size and has a smoother finish compared to reclaimed oak. Air dried oak will also settle and gain character over time as it rests in it’s new environment.

What aspects are important when choosing a mantel?

Be sure you know the measurements of your fireplace so you can source oak of the right size with the correct amount of overhang each side to suite your design. Also it is important to check the local fire codes, to make sure that the space around the fireplace meets regulations. The style of the mantel is important, because you want it to blend with the design of the room, and of the house. Therefore, you have to choose an item that fits into the décor of the house, and which will create a balanced look. Oak is a beautiful material to add to any family home so enjoy sourcing the perfect solution for your home!