How to put together the furniture in your house

Pretending you are an interior designer and starting to move things around like you know what you are doing can now become a little less childish. Why? Because knowing some things about how furniture should be placed around the house and about how matching is done can actually make you properly put together your interior design. Even though it might sound out of place, reading tips and tricks regarding how to style your house can be extremely effective if you are willing to respect what you find there. Here is a very short guide on how to place your furniture correctly around your living space:


Small investments

If you already own the furniture that would make the perfect home out of your house, then you are a lucky person. Often, you will need to make some investments in order to buy certain furniture items that will complete the look you are willing to obtain. Try to look at these and see what catches your eyes and what you think would go well with what you already own. This way, you are avoiding spending money until you reach bankruptcy while obtaining the same effect as buying all the furniture for your house. Of course, it would be much more convenient to buy furniture for an entire room after you’ve thought about how you’d like it to look. Either way, the results will be stunning if you have some ideas about how to put the items together.


The bed is the central item of a bedroom (as the name says). This is why over-decorating this area is not recommended. The bed will pop up in anyone who visits the room eyes if it has the right framing and size. You won’t have to bother much with placing the bed. Putting it in the middle and choosing matching bedside tables will do the work. You will have to fit in a dresser too, accompanied by a big mirror to accentuate the idea of space. Adding little extras here and there will get the best out of your room: a sitting chair, a bench, some plants or a fashion mannequin and there you go. Who did you said was your interior designer again? You are the best personal interior designer you can get. Adding personality to a house is what makes it a home.

Living room

Furniture placement is the key when talking about the living room. Having too much furniture in a room that is meant to be the most comfortable one in the house is a big mistake. Sofas should be from one corner to another and symmetry is the criterion you’ll need to follow. Don’t be afraid to leave negative and empty spaces around because they will make people focus their attention onto the positive ones. Add a nice coffee table along with some comfortable chairs and there you go. Complete the look with a TV and gather your family to sit and watch your favourite show while enjoying the new set-up.