How to give your Thanksgiving dinner a modern and healthy twist – Trade turkey for seafood


Thanksgiving may be one of the most appreciated holidays across the world. People celebrate the things that they are thankful for, share a meal in the presence of their loved ones and have a good time. However, Thanksgiving dinner is oftentimes way too filling, and unhealthy, in most cases. Some small adjustments might help you prepare a better, healthier meal and will allow you to please even the guests that don’t enjoy terribly meat in general. Seafood is a great replacement for turkey, and you can get pretty creative with your recipes.

Roasted fish, to replace the traditional turkey

A combination of salmon or other fish your entire family enjoys, some spices, fresh produce such as tomatoes, garlic, onions and carrots, seems to be just perfect to replace the good-old turkey menu you were used to. All this produce will complement perfectly the sweetness of salmon.  You could try to create a contrasting taste by preparing a light dressing of lemon, garlic, rosemary, and other spices that you and your guests love.

Consider a simple, yet delicious vegetable side dish

Once again, try to coat whatever vegetables you prefer in olive oil and spices, and let those simmer in your oven for an hour. Prepare a light sauce from fresh tomatoes and basil, and you will certainly impress your guests by the simplicity of these courses. You could, alternatively, try to prepare some guacamole, since everybody seems to love this type of side dishes and sauces.

Go for a light strawberry and mango Pavlova

Yes, traditionally you eat apple pie on Thanksgiving Day. But if you put great effort into your main dishes, you can make a great dessert with very little effort. Strawberry and mango Pavlova would work fantastically.

Treat your guests with a Provence-originally bouillabaisse

The bouillabaisse is a French entrée, which originates from Provence. This is a great option for seafood lovers, since it integrates and blends the amazing tastes of the refreshing lemon peel, cayenne pepper and fresh shrimp, whitefish scallops and other great seafood.  Soft shell crab bouillabaisse is a favoured crab dish originating from France. This is a dish that offers a sweeter taste. Combined with some fresh tomatoes and potatoes, it fits perfectly the entire atmosphere of a cold fall evening.

Pumpkin shrimp bruschetta

This may not be your go-to appetizer, but it will certainly impress your guests more than some cold turkey sandwiches. And if you didn’t know that you need this in your life until now, after tasting it, you may want to order yourself a pretty generous shrimp stash from It’s the perfect combination of fresh and fall spices put on a perfectly toasted slice of baguette. Give this recipe a shot and it will certainly turn into a tradition in your home. Also, make sure to prepare some extra slices. Your guests will be certainly asking for more.