Features that make Toyota Highlander 2017 the perfect family car

Every family needs a spacious car that guarantees safety and comfort. If you have a big family, it is necessary to adapt the vehicle to everybody’s needs. The 2017 Toyota Highlander is the best choice for you and your family and you will find out more about the features that make it so special.


Large interior for large families

One of the biggest advantages of the Highlander is its large interior. It is the only car in its class that has third-row seating that hosts up to seven people. The seats are comfortable and the materials used in this auto are of superior quality. Not only that, but you can store as many things as you want in it. If you need more space, you just have to fold down the third and the second-row seats. So now, with the 2017 Toyota Highlander you can go anywhere and pack all the things that you need.

Safety comes first

When it comes to cars, one of the most important aspects we have to consider is safety. Having children takes responsibility not only for you but also for your vehicle. This is why the 2017 Highlander is equipped with devices that minimize the risks of an accident. For example, the lane departure alert uses a camera to recognize visible lane markings. If the car deviates from the lane, the driver will be alerted. The pedestrian pre-collision system detects objects in front of the car with the help of radar and a camera and let’s not forget about the adaptive cruise control.

It has an attractive design

There are new characteristics that make the 2017 Toyota Highlander stand out and differentiate from the others. This latest Highlander has a bit of a sporty look too, even though it is a family car. The grill is now larger, reaching the bottom of the bumper and the taillights include LED-lighting elements. You can personalize your 2017 Toyota Highlander by choosing from a wide variety of colors.  Even if family features are important, every driver wants to be satisfied by the style of his vehicle.

In conclusion, Toyota wins once again buyers appreciation. With innovative technology the 2017 Highlander is able to satisfy even the most picky car lovers, and one of the best things is that you can go anywhere together, being more relaxed because it makes your family feel safe and comfortable. These are the many reasons why this latest car is perfect for families.