Discover the main causes of leaky windows


Many homeowners, especially those living in old houses, often complain about leaky windows. This problem should not come as a surprise taking into account the negative factors challenging the resistance of windows over the years. In these cases, the most efficient and fast solution is contacting a professional company capable of successfully completing a window installation while providing a lifetime warranty. This gives you the certainty and peace of mind that you benefit from quality services and results that not only will stand the test of time, but also protect you and your family against cold temperatures during winter and impede the appearance of leaks, which apparently represent the biggest enemy of homeowners over the world. Experts recommend casement window replacement for preventing condensation and cold air drafts. In extreme cases, these could lead to mold growth and structural damage including rot and rust. Obviously, you do not want to deal with these major inconveniences meaning that you should hire a contractor that recognizes the needs of your home and knows exactly how to install windows.

Improper window installation and insulation

This leads us to the most common reason for which people experience condensation and leaks. Undoubtedly, windows that are not properly installed represent a major cause that allows the appearance of these issues. Probably everyone knows that condensation results from a combination of warm air and cold air. Poor window installation as well as poor insulation permits the cold air from the outside to enter and condense. You can address this problem by applying low-expansion foam on the problematic area. However, you should pay close attention to this step because you could also provoke condensation by making the room too airtight. Generally, each home must include openings useful for ensuring ventilation, especially when you leave and you close the windows and doors. If the air cannot move freely, condensation occurs. Therefore, you should take into consideration installing exhaust fans to make sure that fresh air comes inside while damp air goes outside.

Failed window seal and damaged glass seal

If you examine attentively the window area, you might be able to discover the cause of leaks. Cracks or gaps in the window sealant are quite frequent and they allow the air to enter the room. After identifying the affected areas, you should take action by applying weather-stripping or re-caulking in order to seal the gaps. A good storm will show you the effectiveness of your work. If the rainy and cold season approaches, you should consider hiring a professional who can repair the problem for you. Apart from damaged window sealant, you could also deal with a worn-out glass seal. Once again, if you check the window carefully, you could notice water inside the windowpanes. This could be the result of a bad glass seal. It does not necessarily mean that water will invade your home, but it could reduce the insulating properties of your window, which means that you should not overlook the problem. Ask the advice of an expert and decide what you are going to do.