Better homes: the negative effects of excess indoor humidity


Home is the place where you always spend a few more minutes in bed, under the warm covers, before going to work. Home is the place where only the warmth of the sun penetrating the windows is more powerful than the relationship with your spouse. Home is the place where you get to see the adorable and innocent laugh of your kids. Home is the place where the fresh smell of cheese pie delights all your senses. Home is the place where you do not hesitate to uncover your body and your feelings. Unfortunately, home is also the place where water drips down the windows and wooden cases rot due to a high level of moisture. Home is the place where mold grows on the walls and ceilings, leading to concerning health conditions. Home is the place where microscopic organisms live right next to your children. Regardless of these inconveniences, you cannot give up on the place where you belong. Therefore, the only solution is to fight them.

Efficient ways to control high indoor humidity

First, you have to identify and understand the source of all these problems, namely high indoor humidity, which creates a hot and humid environment within the walls of your house along with discomfort caused by uncontrollable sweating. Obviously, living in a humid climate does not help, but reading consumer dehumidifier reports and purchasing such a household appliance will reduce the level of humidity thus improving air quality inside your home, eliminating the unpleasant odor caused by mold or even impeding it from appearing in those dark and humid areas in the first place. The purpose of all this is to restore the health and comfort of every person living under the same roof with you. Since you will most likely want to reach the optimal level of indoor humidity, monitoring it with the help of a smart thermostat is the best way. In case you did not realize it yet, integrating modern equipment inside your house becomes fundamental for controlling the harmful humidity level.  Indeed, you will have to make a decent financial investment, but it is worth it for ensuring the safety of your children.

The impact of excess humidity on your house and your health

Even more, you should take action immediately. Otherwise, the excess humidity will wreak havoc on the integrity of your house and the health of those residing in it. For instance, crawl spaces and basements present the biggest amount of moisture due to the lack of proper ventilation so they represent ideal areas for mold to grow and spread, thus gradually affecting the solid structure of your property. The foundation and the walls of your house may no longer be safe for you and your family. Speaking of your family, they spend most of the time inside those walls, which means that it will compromise their wellbeing. The most common adverse effects of high humidity on human health include complicate respiratory diseases, allergies and mental faculties. Even more, prolonged exposure can lead to cancer.