Best car buy for families: Audi A3

With a fabulous design, increased safety features and enough room to accommodate a medium family, many claims that the Audi A3 may be one of the greatest cars for families that are currently out there. Also, if you find a deal on a car like this, take it. These are amazing vehicles for family purposes, and the expert platform Edmunds says the used Audi A3 might be the best buy in terms of a family car. But more about it in the following paragraphs.

1. It’s a handsome vehicle

With fabulous trimming, the Audi A3 Sedan might be one of the most handsome cars in its class. Both interior and exterior are beautifully designed, with an amazing attention to details. It’s a well-rounded family car with plenty of room to accommodate a set of two children and their toys, so consider it as an option next time when you’re searching for the best buy. The design is overall just brilliant.

2. Smooth to drive

One of the most valued versions of this vehicle comes with a 148bhp 1.4-litre turbocharged petrol, offers plenty of power for a fast ride, while the steering is performing enough to assure a safe drive at the same time. The car is behaving beautifully on the road, regardless of the weather conditions, which makes it the perfect choice when it comes to family cars. Your children will have quite a good nap on this car, because it is very stable even on bumpy roads. Also, there is a hybrid option, mixing beautifully the power of a strong engine with the fuel-efficiency of an environmental-friendly vehicle.

3. A comfortable vehicle

The small set of 16 inch wheels has some great absorbing capabilities on the road. However, you can switch to larger wheels and you will have a sportier car, while in the city you will feel those bumps a bit more accentuated. There is enough room in the back to accommodate three children, and while many families opt for this vehicle specifically because of this amazing feature, many opt for it because of the generous cargo space available in the back.

It is easy to notice, that the Audi A3 may be one of the most advantageous vehicles a family could invest in. It is safe, easy to drive and roomy to accommodate a medium-size family and it has some great looks on it as well.