Appealing career options for mothers going back to work


Staying at how with your children and focusing on your parenting responsibilities is something that will bring you long-term personal rewards and a sense of fulfillment. However, after some time, going back to work will be necessary, considering you might want to reach professional accomplishments in your life as well, and may also desire to contribute to your household’s financial situation. If your previous profession is not one that you still want to pursue or would longer meet your current lifestyle needs, focusing on a career shift is recommended, and the following options are the ones that you should consider first:

Nail art

If you have a creative nature and have some basic nail design skills, why not actually pursue a profession in this domain? Nail art is a great option for women who wish to benefit from a flexible work schedule, while gaining a reasonable income at the end of each month. All you have to do is follow a course at a reputable beauty school, get your diploma and some necessary equipment and supplies and start offering these types of services. You can set your own working hours and thus reach the ideal work-personal life balance. Moreover, this type of profession can be quite enjoyable, and does not involve as much effort as other jobs might demand. Think carefully if this is something you might like doing and give it a try.

Makeup artist or hairdresser/barber

Bing characterized by the same schedule flexibility as nail art, makeup artistry and hairstyling are other appealing career options that will allow you to become your own boss and obtain great financial gains. As a woman, you probably already know a few things about makeup or hairstyle, so developing your skills and expertise even further will not be that difficult. By working in one of these 2 domains, you will be able to still spend sufficient time with your kids and thus not neglect your role as a parent, while easily learning a living as well.

Virtual assistant

If you are looking for a career opportunity that allows you to stay at home, and thus supervise your kids, virtual assistance might just be the perfect answer for you. From booking plane ticket and making hotel reservations for your employer, to sending emails or being in charge of other similar administrative task, this type of job is versatile and flexible, exactly what you need at the moment. If you have the require organization skills, you will get used to the job quickly.

After a couple of years of staying at home with the kids, entering the work field once again can be a bit overwhelming, and if your previous profession no longer appeals to you, finding other alternatives will be necessary. In order to make the transition as smooth a possible, and to not deal with an unreasonable amount of stress, it’s imperative to decide on the best option for your lifestyle. The few ideas mentioned above are worth considering, offering you schedule flexibility, appealing financial gains and nurturing your passions, so give them enough of your thought.