4 Tips that Will Turn You into an Awesome Gift Giver

Buying gifts is never easy. You can put a lot of thought into a gift, wonder the shops for hours if not days at a time, and even spend a lot of money on the gift, but you could still fail and buy something completely useless or boring. So, is there a secret recipe for buying good gifts. Is there a magic formula that can turn you into the best gift giver ever? Well, the solution is actually pretty simple, and it doesn’t require any magic or secrets. You just need to follow some simple rules.

1. Listen

This sounds simple enough, but how many times have you found yourself thinking about your own problems while someone talks to you. If this happens more often than not, it can be a serious problem that can affect not only the quality of your gifts, but also your overall relationships with your loved ones. So, when somebody talks to you, try to actively listen and get to know them. Learn about their hobbies, their problems, and their dreams. This info will provide some guidance about what other people like and what gifts would please them or what they would need to make their life easier. For example, if your grandma is constantly complaining that her yarns roll around the whole house when she knits, and they get all tangled up, there might be a solution for this matter. You could get her a yarn bowl, which is a special ceramic or wooden bowl, designed to keep the yarn still during the knitting process. This is the type of gift that will satisfy a need, and it will also show that you pay attention to your loved ones.

2. Consider people’s hobbies

OK, even if it isn’t very obvious at first, the truth is that everybody has a hobby, an activity which relaxes them and brings them joy. In some cases it might be very obvious, like in the case of your grandma which is constantly knitting and crocheting. In some cases, it might be a little more subtle. For example, your mom has probably been cooking for her family her entire life. But if you’ve noticed that she’s been experimenting with new flavors recently, she might be trying to improve her skills. Perhaps a cooking book would make a nice gift for her. Or perhaps she would enjoy a new set of knives. But only go for these gifts if your mom actually enjoys cooking. If she cooks just because she has to, this type of gift can make her feel unappreciated. So, the idea is to pay attention to what your loved ones enjoy doing.

3. Keep a gift idea list

This is a very useful little trick. Try to make a habit of writing down gift ideas whenever someone says that they like or need something. For example, every time your sister mentions that she would like something write it down on your list. Girls usually want many things, so at the end your list might include a hair straightener, a makeup palette, a new bag, a certain jewelry and 20 other things. But when her birthday will come, you will have dozens of suggestions to choose from, and you can rest assured knowing that you are getting her something that she actually needs.

4. Collaborate with other people

There are many affordable items that can make for great gifts. For example, a yarn bowl can cost less than $20, and it is the type of gift that any grandma would appreciate. However, sometimes expensive gifts can also be very nice. Nonetheless, you don’t have to max out your credit card to make a loved one happy. What you can do is to collaborate with other people. For example, if your father’s birthday is coming up, and you know that he has been dreaming about an expensive gas grill for ages, you can talk with the whole family and raise money together for the grill. Your father will appreciate not only the gift itself, but also the fact that you all worked together to make his dream come true.