Why do private schools have higher educational standards?


For most English parents, sending a child to a private school seems like an extravagance, a fairly expensive one. However, although there might be schooling taxes, they are not ridiculous, and many tend to be more considerate about the higher education standards, than expenses. Fact is public schools are not completely tax-free either. If you want to see how a public school might help your child achieve higher accomplishments, here you can find more details. However, we have a list of small pickings you should consider about private schools.


1. Higher standards for educators and teachers

Specialised, well-qualified instructors might help a child with special requirements and talents achieve higher standards of development. Many private schools have personalised programs for each students, and dedicated teachers to look after them. But what makes the teachers in the private system to be more attentive to a child’s needs and more dedicated to cultivate stronger values in them? Many consider that the fact they are trained exceptionally and have higher wages motivates instructors in private schools to achieve higher levels of education and continuously perfect their approach and teaching strategies. Also, in public schools, many teaching subjects might be neglected due to an uneven spread of resources. And that particular subject might happen to be the subject your child excels at. However, in specialised private schools, the curriculum is explored with the same dedication, regardless of the subject.

2. Specialised schools for children with special needs

In private schools, even children suffering from ADD/ADHD, dyslexia, dyscalculia or other learning difficulties have the possibility to achieve remarkable results, because of the special programs, approaches and strategies developed and implemented by trainers in close collaboration with psychologists and specialists. In public schools, on the other hand, these children tend to be segregated from the rest of the students, because teachers have difficulties in finding a good approach and a good teaching system for them. Therefore, they will lack preparation, although their IQ might exceed others. Also, in private schools classes are small enough so each student receives the necessary attention and a personalised learning program.

3. Higher academic courses and exams

Generally, the curricula and exams in public schools are developed in accordance to educational standards in force. However, these are courses and exams with a medium level of difficulty, so all students are able to follow them without struggling. Perhaps your child has higher capabilities and you want them to take special programs, such as the International Baccalaureate program, that are not available in the public school system.

4. Special requirements such as religious beliefs and sports programs are took into account

The religious factor is oftentimes a highly relevant one for parents. Many want to bring their children in a system with strong religious beliefs, while in public schools, these are not cultivated by any law. Other relevant aspects are sports programs, many choosing a system of education for their children where they play a great role. Unfortunately, public schools don’t put a great accent on sports programs, the only viable alternative remaining a specialised private school.