What is the Ideal Temperature and Humidity for the Nursery

A parent’s main concern is to create a safe and comfortable environment for their child to grow in and it all starts with the nursery that hosts the baby from the moment they get home. Therefore, every detail regarding the nursery must be treated with maximum attention, including the temperature and humidity levels. To help you keep these aspects under control, we reveal some useful tips that will make sure your baby will live in the ideal temperature and humidity.

The ideal temperature

The nursery temperature should be maintained between 65 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit so the baby will feel comfortable. Keeping the baby cool during summer is a real challenge because you must avoid using the air conditioner that can bring many impurities into the air in the room. Also, most fans use rotating blades that create dangerous drafts of air that are not safe for the baby so you have to look for a way of cooling the air that will not pose a risk to the baby’s health. The most appropriate is the tower fan that boasts an interesting design that creates cool air without exposing rotating blades. Moreover, you can use a tower fan that uses an innovative technology called air multiplying that attracts air into its aperture in order to deliver cool air into the room. This results in a pleasant ambiance in the nursery even in the hottest days without endangering the baby.

The ideal air humidity

The proper humidity for the nursery is around 50% and any fluctuation must be corrected. A high air humidity level is often a cause of diseases because many bacteria and viruses thrive in moist environments. Air humidity is the main trigger for mold spores that not only create the unpleasant mold but can also affect the baby’s lungs and cause serious diseases like asthma. This is why a dehumidifier is an essential item for the nursery in your attempt of keeping your baby safe and healthy. Dehumidifiers absorb excess moisture and maintain air humidity at a constant level. For the nursery, you should use a small dehumidifier, with an integrated humidistat so that you can always monitor the humidity levels. You can find reviews of good value dehumidifiers on the bestdehumidifier.reviews site. The reviews posted there will help you choose the best dehumidifier for your baby’s well being.

On the other hand, a low humidity level can irritate the baby’s sensitive airways and can affect their sleep, so you must be careful not to let the air humidity get too low. In case it does, add some moisture to the air using a humidifier designed for the nursery that spreads a soft mist into the air. The mist regulates the air humidity without affecting the baby’s airways and allows them to sleep better and breathe easier.