Toddler Parenting Tips

For many parents, raising a toddler can be a real challenge. If you want your toddler to have a good behavior you should provide them with attentions, praise, and love. It’s important to play with them and help them discover interesting things. We’ve gathered for you some practical parenting tips which can help you discipline your child.

Show them your love

It’s important that your toddler feels your love. Show them your affection with kisses, hugs, attention and frequent praise. This way, you will motivate them to follow your rules without punishments. Every parent loves their child to the moon and back but it is important to show them this thing. Get down to their level and play with your toddler as much as you can. Involve them in several activities and they will feel very important. Talk to them and explain many things to them. Even if they are not able to talk back yet, that doesn’t mean they don’t understand you. Moreover, say to your toddler every day how much you love them, and hug and squeeze them all day. This way you will discipline them with love and they will feel your affection.

Accept your child

It’s important to understand your toddler’s personality. Respect them and don’t expect them to be just like you. Moreover, try to find new ways to help them feel more confident. For example, encourage them to play with a challenging toy. This way you will nurture their perseverance and their strength.

Minimize rules

You should create a pleasant atmosphere for your toddler and help them follow some rules without build up frustration inside them. Every toddler has temper tantrums, but you can reduce them by being calm and patient. Try to avoid saying ”no” to your toddler and calmly explain their mistakes. It’s important to offer your toddler choices.This way you will give them the opportunity to choose what they want. For example, encourage their choices and let them pick the bedtime story or the clothes for going out. Make them feel important and independent.

Every child loves to play and they will be more likely to behave well if you make an activity fun. On the other hand, you should avoid giving them toys that are too advanced for their age. This situation will fuel/feed their frustration and tantrums.