Tips to leave your furry friend behind when going on a vacation

There is nothing more heartbreaking for pet lovers than leaving their furry friends behind even just for a few days. Dogs are amazing companions that fill our hearts and homes with joy and good laughs. It is impossible to imagine your life without your tail-wagging pal with whom you do everything on a daily basis. However, when your planned vacation is approaching, you have to admit that you and your best furry friend will be separated for a little while. Yet, if you think that this moment is difficult only for you, your dog will surely want you to know how much he is going to miss you. Hence, there are so many things you need to consider before you leave. Who will feed and walk your dog and who will give him endless cuddles? Read below a few tips to prepare your furbaby before you go.

Where will your dog stay?

Certainly, the main thing to consider is where will your dog stay during your trip. Dogs need constant care so it is impossible to live your canine home alone. However, do not despair! There are many options available for you to choose between. You can leave your dog with a close friend or family member that you trust. They know how special your relationship with your furry friend is so they will do their best to ensure that he is well taken care of. Yet, if all your friends are busy or simply have no pet care skills, you can board your dog at a hundepensjonat. Your dog will be taken care of by professional veterinarians and the pet shelter staff to ensure that he has an amazing time while you are gone. The furry friend of yours can have a lot of fun playing with other pets hosted in the same kennel oslo.

Make all preparations

Whether you decide to leave your tail-wagging friend at a kennel Gardermoen or with a friend, there are a few preparations that you need to make. First of all, you should allow your dog to familiarize with the person or the location where he will stay after you leave. Arrange a few meetings to help your dog feel more comfortable after you will not be there anymore. also, you should inform your pet sitter about any health condition your dog may have. For example, if your dog is following a medical treatment or eat only a specific type of food, your pet sitter should certainly know about it.

Spend some extra time together

Finally, after you have made all the necessary hosting arrangements for your pet while you are going to be on a vacation, you have to spend some extra time with your furry pal. It will help both of you as your dog appreciates the time spent together and you will give him some extra snuggles before you leave. Your canine may even not experience separation anxiety if you have made some additional daily walks and a few more cuddles.