Father And Son Fishing On The Lake Experience is Helpful or Not for Bonding

One of the most important human bonds is between a father and his son, but it’s one of the hardest relationships to properly build and maintain as well. In some cases, the two become too competitive in their relationship, the constant pinning against each other causing a tear. In other cases, their interests differ so widely that they can’t seem to find common grounds not even for a plain, casual discussion.

As a father, you most certainly want to keep your beloved son close to you, getting to know him and spend as much time with him as possible as he is the most important man in your life now. In most family movies and cartoons, there are scenes where fathers and their sons go fishing on the lake. But is this activity actually good for those who want to bond and get closer to their sons?

Understand Your Influence Over the Child

Whether you are aware of it or not, you represent a major influence in your son’s life. After all, he learns what it means to be a man by observing your actions, so you should never underestimate your power over his development. Respect, responsibility, and diplomacy are only a few of the traits that your son will inevitably inherit from you after daily interactions. Always try to be a role-model for that young man in your life if you want what’s best for him as he will one day be a reflection of you.

Figure Out if Fishing is His Hobby As Well

Now that we’re done with generalities, let’s establish if fishing on the lake is a good bonding activity to take up or not. The hours that you are going to spend together on the lake, the experiences that you will get to share with him, and the long talks as you wait for fish to bait make the experience sound ideal for getting closer. Although on paper it seems perfect, you should take into consideration the boy’s interests as well. Sure, you might be passionate about fishing, but is he as well? Did he ever ask you to go fishing? Did he seem interested in the stories you used to tell when you came home from a fishing trip with your pals? Does he have fishing magazines in his room? If the answer to all three questions was yes, then it’s likely that your son would enjoy a fishing trip with you. If you notice that fishing is not a passion you share with your son, you shouldn’t pressure him to start liking it. In case you went on a day on the river together and he didn’t show any enthusiasm in fishing, you might as well take your inflatable boat and just go for a ride in the water instead of fishing. It will also help you spend some time together and share your thoughts.

Talk to Him About Your Idea First

Regardless whether the boy likes fishing or not, you should still sit down and have a talk with him about your idea. Explain that you would like it if the two of you would go on a fishing trip together, and see his reaction. Usually, the face a person makes when you first propose a course of action is the best indicator of his real feelings regarding it. After you see his initial reaction, listen to him closely. If this isn’t the right moment for him, don’t put any pressure on the kid. In case he simply doesn’t want to do it, propose that you do other activities together. Of course, if he says yes, then establish when you’re going to go, and prepare for the trip properly.

Find Other Pleasant Activities to Do Together

We previously mentioned that if your son doesn’t want to go fishing, you talk about other activities that the both of you would like to do together. In the following lines, we will give you examples of father-son activities that you can really bond through, activities that you can ask him about to see if he agrees with them.

DIY Projects

There’s definitely nothing better than bonding over a DIY project. Of course, you must keep safety in mind when using power tools, hammers, and other objects that he might get injured by when working with them. The best course of action to take is for you to handle all the tasks involving these tools as you’re better experienced and know how to safely handle them. Fun DIY projects that you could try out are building a birdhouse, a table, chairs, or a swinger.

Play His Favorite Sport

He surely has a sport that he enjoys playing. Combine exercising with having fun and getting closer to each other by playing that specific sport together. Just be careful to not get competitive with him. It’s healthy to teach him that you have to work in order to win, but you shouldn’t let a fun activity turn into an ultimate challenge where you mock him for losing. Let him win, but challenge him to a certain degree as well. This will help him get better at the sport he loves, and he will learn that he has to work for wins in life.

Go to the Movies

Another great idea that he will probably be into is to go see a movie. Look at the schedule of a local cinema, and pick a movie together. Don’t forget to check the movie’s ratings and reviews to make sure that it will be a pleasant experience instead of a tedious one. When you decide on a movie, buy tickets at a time that suits you both, and go enjoy yourselves. Of course, don’t skimp on the juice and popcorn, and debate what you liked and didn’t like when the movie ends and you head home.

Ask Him for Ideas

If nothing works, then turn to him for help. Ask your son what he would like to do with you most of all, and regardless of the activity that he wants to take up, try it out. The most likely answer will be to play video games. If you’re more old-fashioned and haven’t flirted with these types of games yet, you will most probably find them fun and relax anyway, getting to enjoy quality time with your beloved son while doing what he likes the most.